Value Systems

A conversation about how value systems are formed and how they function, both individually and collectively.

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  1. Atheists have values. God and values are not necessarily connected nor is religion. They may be. I would guess that the first values arose from what was needed to live and thrive. More complicated now of course. Love the talk.

    1. I absolutely agree. In fact, some religions promote ideas that are the antithesis of values that might be considered “moral”. I think maybe the promotion of values within a religious framework was probably useful for social cohesion in the distant past. Certainly, though atheism is not in any way indicative of a lack of values. I’ve actually even considered that the values of an atheist may more honest than those of a religious person, since they exist outside of a preordained set of rules. There’s no “handbook”. Atheists form values based on observation and experience. There’s something to be said for that. –Vox

      1. I don’t equate using the term God, speaking to God, loving God, knowing God is all, and having reverence for God, with religion. I equate it with spirituality. Some religious people are spiritual. It is my belief that a much smaller percentage of ‘atheists’ are spiritual than religious, and those who don’t identify as either have the largest percentage of spiritual people. Those without spirituality, and who are materialistic and opportunist above noble, free-thinking, disciplined, and wild, are morally lacking. Morals and virtues will definitely be covered in depth at some point on our podcast.

  2. Genitalia are facts. Whether one approves of the fact of the matter is ideal. Should the tribe accept the idea that one born male could choose to live as female? The value of that will probably be determined by how it benefits or harms the tribe. We are currently being psychologically manipulated by very powerful people. The values are mostly artificially instilled.

    1. Yes, for the vast majority of people they are naturally one of two genders in chromosomes, genitalia, hormones, roles, etc., and the cultural Marxists are intentionally trying to destroy families and healthy human psychology, and trying to normalize trans as a much higher percentage than it actually is is one of the tactics they are using. Why? Because they are economic Marxists, wanting to control everyone and the economy, but they could not get it through just trying to sell ‘communism’ as an ideal economic system.

      This all being said, I have nothing against natural trans people and I want them to be happy. I do not want psychology fucked with en masse for the agendas of the degenerate thieving Marxist ‘priest class’.

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