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  1. Customs are good for a society. Systems are dangerous to a society. Liberty demands that one adheres to cultural customs and is taught the way to survive alone. The ability to meet one’s own needs makes a person free. The ability to be accepted in his culture makes him happy. Systems remove freedom, liberty, and happiness because another chooses for the individual. Good for sheep. Detrimental to humans. Our society is drowned in poisons and systems, else more people would recognize the slavery that is imposed upon them. Love your discussion on this!

    1. Every group of humans that has ever existed has had systems and used natural systems. They are far more elaborate today. Some systems can definitely be harmful to members within them. In an ideal world, the intent would be to create systems so that everyone is healthy and has opportunities, and people would contribute to the health of the systems in reciprocity. There are myriad ways in which people can contribute, everything from work ethic to civic duties to kindness to neighbors…


    2. Thank you for the comment. I would point out that systems, in and of themselves, are not necessarily a detriment. Astronomy suggests that systems exist on a cosmic scale, which allows us to, among other things, predict time and tide. Not a bad thing. Knowledge of biological systems facilitates the ability to make healthful choices. Even manmade systems can be beneficial. For instance, traffic systems. If you’ve ever visited a place like India, you will recognize that the relative lack of traffic organization makes traveling on the roads both inefficient and dangerous, compared to places like the United States. I think instead of objecting to systems, it would be better to embrace them, understand them, and strive toward creating the systems that will nurture humans (and all life), and change or reject the ones that exploit one group for the profit of another. –Vox

  2. The key is being taught to survive alone if need be. Next is to look to help another when left with free time or resources. Government has worked hard to remove those two things from society.

  3. Universal income should be so minimal as to encourage a desire to work for a better life. More than minimal is encouraging dependence.

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