Behavior and Habit

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  1. It’s wonderful that you are blessed with being able to create your own habits, Vox. Many people have such lives that their control is extremely limited. The cheap entertainment (TV) that they can attain is rife with subliminal messages and dreams. Add a beer or two to a bone tired person just getting off a hard days work who sit down in front of a TV to watch the news which is purported to be truth, and that person is an easy target. The kids are allowed to watch whatever because everyone is too tired to care as long as they are safe and quiet. Life becomes a habit rather than a life and the person is too downtrodden to do a thing about it, that he can discern. You come off as an elite that has never had to do what you didn’t want to do. Maybe you’re not, but your argument that all should be able to see things your way gives that impression. Sometimes the effort to resist is just too much. Sometimes the person is either uneducated or not intelligent enough to understand. You are blessed. Try to understand the less fortunate and only then can you be able to initiate action that might be able to influence the unaware. I too abhor commercials, and most authority. I won’t be controlled, but I now choose my battles wisely. Pointing out ignorance by virtual signaling is counterproductive. The evil ones have control and they don’t have our best interests in mind. You seem to be unable to accept that their habits are entirely selfish. They are smart and they use all means to control us.

    1. You certainly make a fair point. I am incredibly blessed. I won’t deny that. I have, however, encountered at least my fair share of challenges as well, so if I’m giving the impression that I live a charmed life, believe me, that’s just my “game face”. I don’t think it’s a good habit to go around wearing one’s vulnerabilities on the outside like a designer logo. “Victim” is not an attractive role, and I refuse to play it.

      That said, sometimes I need to be reminded how much control I really have. My husband is remarkably skilled at doing that in a way that is neither accusatory nor condescending, but empowering. I’m not as good at it as he is, but that was my goal. I know it helps me when I start spiraling to remember that I get to choose whether or not to allow myself to be influenced… but in order to have that realization, it is paramount to understand the enormous sovereignty that lies within each of us. That was what I intended to convey. “They” only have control as long as people consent to it. I just wanted to point out that consent can be withdrawn at any time, by anyone. And I will stand beside my assertion that throwing out the TV is the most obvious first step. I didn’t mean to sound like that’s easy, for me or anyone else. Just that it’s imminently possible.

      Thanks for listening and diving into The Complex! –Vox

  2. Good show.

    1. I didn’t know this was you before, and I wouldn’t have been so harsh on your meritocracy comment had I known it was you.

      I appreciate you listening in and your comments.

      The sound in this episode sucked. Vox said I sometimes “huff” as a mannerism, and think there is some validity to that, but it sounds like a creeper breathing heavy or super out of shape person, to which, I am neither. I question how the hell ‘the recording’ is amplifying the breathing or if it is somehow being added (paranoid much). I jog or work out almost every day, and I don’t breathe heavy, definitely not anywhere near the decibels of my voice.

      On one more note, all social media has censored me and I lost several ‘friends’ over the last few years due to my truth telling systems deconstruction. I’ve literally posted our episodes every time we post them, if I’m not in FB jail, and ‘they’ have never let anyone see them except one time when I commented on my post that shills were not letting people see them. On YouTube if I comment, no one sees my comments, yet other people can get over a hundred likes/comments. In the real world friends and family have a hard time hearing the truth and complexity for a couple/few different reasons. It’s very hard having my brain and heart.


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