Food Systems

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  1. We are at the beginning of a global food insufficiency. How do we prepare for such an event?

    1. Obviously you can store some non-perishables in case of a crisis, but beyond that you can learn a few survivalist skills as they apply to getting and keeping food. What that might mean is different for everyone though, depending on your circumstance. It won’t be the same where I live in Alaska as it is in, say, Chicago. I’m sure there are plenty of prepper sites that would have suggestions.

      I worry about stuff like this, too. I’m learning to prepare as I can, but also to just be grateful for every day that I still have a warm house and a full fridge. Because no matter how prepared you are, crap may hit the fan, and there’s nothing you can do about it… or it never hits the fan, and you spent a bunch of valuable time worrying over nothing. It’s a struggle toward peace… which sounds oxymoronic… but there it is. :/ –Vox

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