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  1. There is no virtuous thoughts or acts towards ourselves or our fellow human beings outside of surrendering ourselves to God and following the covenant He made with Moses and all humans out of Egypt. I was not surprised at the response of your cohost about the Tower of Babel and the acts of Sodom and Gomorrah. It was in complete ignorance and exactly opposite of scripture. This is the state we are in now and self-created by departing from that covenant, the Ten Commandments.

    I’m not saying your discussions need to cite scripture, but if you need a reference to “virtue” there is no better starting place than the Ten Commandments. The roots of all evil are the defilement of those commandments. The roots of all virtue is the observance of those commandments. Not rocket science, but then, not an easy or simple thing to do.

    What we do for virtue is not what we do for ourselves, but what we do for God.

    1. RE: ” It was in complete ignorance and exactly opposite of scripture.”

      Fair enough. In my defense, the question was a surprise. I hadn’t thought of that story for 30-40 years…it’s kind of a miracle I even remember the children’s version.

      I’m trying to see the stories from a grown-up, non-dogmatic perspective, and find some truth in the archetypal concepts. That’s very new, though. Give me some time. I’m trying to shake off a lot of baggage. Check in a year from now… I may not be quite so completely ignorant. –Vox

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